Working Papers

Repeated Contracting without Commitment Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Economic Theory

Delegation with Continuation Values

Agency Breadth and Political Influence (with Mitch Downey) Accepted, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Why Do We Procrastinate? Present Bias and Optimism (with Matthew Gibson and Jeffrey Shrader)

Revealing Risky Mistakes through Revisions (with Paul Feldman)

Biased Contest Judges (with Gregory Kubitz)

Work in Progress

Bidding According to GARP (with Paul Feldman)

Experimental Auctions with Securities (with Allan Hernández-Chanto)

Published & Forthcoming

Breig, Zachary. “Endogenous and exogenous commitment.” Economics Letters (2019).

Breig, Zachary. “Prediction and Model Selection in Experiments.” Economic Record (2020).